Social injustice, corporate greed and political corruption are lampooned in this Tony Award winning musical satire about a drought-plagued town where water has become so scarce that private toilets have become unthinkable. At the mercy of a – – single dominating corporation who maintains a monopoly on public amenities, the destitute citizens must pay towering taxes to carry out their most private and basic of needs. Out of the mass of the pitiable, a hero rises to lead his fellow citizens against the tyrannical regime. Drawing from West Side Story, Evita and Les MisĂ©rables, among others, Urinetown pays witty homage to the great American musical theatre tradition.

Show Dates: February 15, 16, 22, 23, March 1 & 2 – 2013 at 8 PM February 17 & 24 – 2013 at 2 PM


Director: Paul Recupero

Music Directors: Barbara Newberry and Konnie Stark

Choreographer: Kim Albright

Producer: Susan Davit

Stage Manager: Brenna McBride

Technical Director: Michael Avis

Sound Design: Joe Vogelgesang

Lighting Design: John Adamson


Hope Cladwell – Brittany Adams

Caldwell B. Cladwell – Steve Arcidiacono

Robby the Stockfish/UGC/Cop – Chris Bartholomew

Poor/UGC/Cop – Liz Brennan

Poor/UGC/Cop – Shana Burstein

Little Becky Two-Shoes/UGC/Cop – Alicia Crosby

Bobby Strong – Justin Damm

Senator Fipp – Steve DiNenno

Officer Lockstock – Joe Gribbin

Tiny Tom/UGC/Cop – Bobby Hayes

Officer Barrel – Jim Hopper

Mr. McQueen – Jeff Hunsicker

Josephine Strong Linda Hunt

Poor/UGC/Cop – Aimee Kerr

Hot Blades Harry/UGC/Cop – Ben Potts

Poor/UGC/Cop – Jessica Potts

Joseph “Old Man” Strong/Ensemble – Tom Purnell

Little Sally – Kate Reynolds

Mrs. Millennium/Poor/Cop – Becca Schiel

Penelope Pennywise – Barbara Sherman

Billy Boy Bill/UGC/Cop – Tom Stumme

Soupy Sue/UGC/Cop – Liz Wheeler